Activities related to Sortition and election by lot – (2016-2018) 

Grant & Fundings

  • Scientific Conference Grant: International Conference « Sortition in Switzerland and Europe: an overview » • FNS Scientific Conferences • 10CO17__175429 – personal grant CHF 3’300 [L]
  • Research Grant SNSF Project « Sortition in Switzerland » • project 163126 (CHF 761’230.00) directed by Dr. Antoine Chollet – personal grant CHF 254’990 [L]

Books and special issues

DAHN-SINGH, N. & FONTAINE, A. (Ed.) (2019). Quand les Suisses tiraient au sort. L’utilisation du hasard en politique dans la Confédération. Special issue Passé Simple, 43, 14 p. [L]

CHOLLET, A. & FONTAINE, A. (Ed.) (2018). Erfahrungen des Losverfahrens in der Schweiz und in Europa/Expériences du tirage au sort en Suisse et en Europe (16e-21esiècles). Bern: Schriftenreihe der Bibliothek am Guisanplatz (BiG), 324 p. [L]

Orgnanisation of Panels and Symposium

FONTAINE, A. (2018 September). Organisation of International Conference “Sortition in Switzerland and Europe: an overview“ • University of Lausanne [L]